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Wednesday, May. 12, 2004 -9:15 AM

Comtemplations over a bowl of Cereal

Well hello again everyone. Things are blah here in College Station. It's been doing nothing but raining, raining and more raining. As I sit here eating my morning cereal and writing in this journal, I begin to think about some of the things I was reading in other people's journals. It's funny how this past weekend, I ran into, got email from, or saw online a total of 7 people I haven't talked to in like a year. Most of that is my fault, as I've been jailed up at home and school doing nothing but work, school work and playing a bit of FFXI. But for the ones that were not my fault, it's due to the fact that I was trying to forget some of those people in my life. People who took advantage of my kindness, and those who shattered my hopes of a relationship. It's funny, cause now that I've seen those people again, things really do work out for the best I think.

The biggest hit though was reading DJ's journal. We'd been talking again quite frequently, but apparently that is all for naught. He's found himself an 18 year old beau who lives in Pennsylvania. I know that he's really interested in this guy, cause he's making plans to go visit him. Considering that he has to fly to get there... and I'm a 3 1/2 hour drive away... I know where I stand now. It doesn't bother much that he isn't interested in me, what bothers me is that he won't be honest with me and tell me that. I don't like being strung along or worse yet, be the backup plan for just in case the Penn. guy doesn't work out. Well you get my point. I just get annoyed when people can't be honest with me. It hurts me worse when people don't tell me the truth, rather than string me along.

Anyways, my cereal is almost done, and I will have to be going to campus soon. I hope all of you that read this (if I still have any readers) have a wonderful day. I see it's raining again here... I hope that doesn't last all day.


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